Frustrated at the lack of results

when you pray for the sick? 

Would you be interested in changing all that by

learning to pray as Jesus healed? 


Until Rev. Mike Endicott desperately sought the Lord about how we should pray for the sick, he did not see great results either.  He was becoming extremely discouraged.  Very few people were being healed. 

But all that changed!  

Since learning to pray for healing as Jesus healed… he now sees amazing results…

all the time!

Mike declares, “Healing ministry is for everyone… not just for a “gifted” few. 

And he shares the “how to” on 6 free mp3 downloads that you can access today. 

Some of the stuff is downright miraculous!   



Rev. Mike Endicott shares his story

and teaches how you, too, can

learn to pray as Jesus healed.

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